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Pictured: Known burglary suspects are shown inside a 1,000-foot buffer of forced-entry residential burglaries.In 2008, OPD saw a significant enhancement: a more powerful web-based analysis tool allowed people to identify patterns through dynamic hot spot mapping, which is simply analysis that shows areas of crime intensity."This tool has been helpful in monitoring criminal activity, as well as planning crime fighting activities and monitoring their success." That same year, Ogden teamed with Esri Partner Pictometry to include detailed oblique aerial photography within its city databases. The Pictometry-supplied data allows the easy computer viewing of city buildings and other structures from all sides and angles.Analysts can measure distances between windows, fences, streets, and other items of interest without going out to the site, which might risk compromising an operation.

Ogden Police Department relies on Arc GIS Server, as well as Arc, to share information with the public or partnering police agencies.Most of this activity comes after discovering or being notified of a possible criminal situation.However, the department also realizes the importance of attempting to eliminate crime and criminal opportunity through the implementation of crime prevention programs.Instead of speculating on the time it would take to cross a yard; go over a fence; and forcibly enter a one-story, two-bedroom house, officers can get exact distance measurements and view detailed oblique photos that show the area and situation where the officers will deploy."The power of GIS rests in its ability to relate different information, particularly in a spatial context," says Greiner.

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