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According to Betancourt there "seemed to be a gap between the show and the fans and their access to the show, and Twitter really seemed to close it." The fifth episode "Hardwired" was widely noted for confirming that B. Because of cap restraints, the credits were set to be spread out over two years — 7,000 in 2013 and million in 2014.

Christine Lahti played the new executive assistant district attorney, Sonya Paxton, for five episodes, starting with the first episode through to the fourth episode.

She returned briefly in the eighth episode, where she clashed with Cabot.

I’m thankful we both have family who helps whenever they can.I wish I could say I have found another job and everything is great, but that is unfortunately not the case. I’m working as a temp until I can find a permanent full time job.I did have an interview but the hiring manager “saw red flags” when I was unable to provide a current reference from either job I have had in the past (the one where I worked with the father of my child and the one I just quit) and only had a single reference for 12 years of work in the form of my now retired former manager.Ezarik blogged that "I know, it’s sad that I’m dead but I had a great time dying!" She also posted two videos about certain details in the production of her episode.

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