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We made it clear to each other that we very much like each other and our eyes clearly spoke as well for ourselves.The next day, she sent me a beautiful letter telling me how she is so much interested in me and likes me and she cannot stop thinking about me.Recently our client Ramiro from Texas, the USA has visited Ukraine and our office in Mykolaiv city. He feels well here and already got acquainted with nice local people. And it took him almost 10 hours by train to come over to one side. When talking with Ramiro, it was great to see that he had joined the site couple years ago and he immediately used our site and services just as we propose to all our members. K: Cannot say ‘cause all the places are different: every town, every village, every city, everything is different. We just couldn’t get enough of video chatting and we started an absolutely great friendship with totally crazy laughter and having cascading jokes.Ramiro actually arrived to Kiev but it was so nice of him to decide to come over to the office and meet out UBA Team. Ramiro always follows our news and Facebook and You Tube. Poltava is just like my home town but looks a bit different. I made her laugh so much that she was almost crying with laughter with tears in her eyes, and she was incredibly funny as well, and she had the most cracking jokes I have ever heard. At some point, she had a misunderstanding of an English expression that I said and she understood it the other way around.And believe me, I have not stopped thinking about her the whole day the next day.I wrote a very beautiful letter to her, very romantic as well, very polite to express to her how I tremendously like her a lot and want to work hard in our common goal to develop a great friendship towards finding love.

– Have you liked this visit more than a previous one? It’s almost 13 months – Lots of our clients think it’s not that safe to come over Ukraine. Through UBA I recently had the privilege to spend the most amazing video chat I have ever had with an absolutely amazing lady.

Their story started with letters and videochats via the Ukraine Brides Agency site https://

– We usually advise for our couples to have not more than 15 years. May this awesome couple be an inspiration for you in your search for love and happiness. All team of UBA site and NOVA agency were witnesses of a beautiful love story and a wonderful meeting of two amazing people – Ukrainian girl Olga and American man William.

– Did you organize the tour to Ukraine by yourself or did you require any kind of our service? K: My flight was delayed in Germany but I dealt with it. K: I feel here more comfortable than in any other country. Thousands of miles separated them but with every day they become closer and closer to each other. It was wonderful time, Olga took days off to spent more time with a man she dreams about. It is really a fairy tale because Olga waited for a man of her life for quite a while and she did not lose hope to meet him – her dream man! He had been waiting for a woman full of life – someone who sees life through the same lens, and he truly has found his second half. One of our dear clients, Jean-Claude Gnante, has recently decided to write a testimonial.

K: I chose this one because it is worthy to stop at. – Could you, please, give an advice to our clients how they should act on the site to get success? He takes care of Olga and her daughter like a real gentleman and his presents of 101 roses made her heart to beat faster!!

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